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It's Just the Rain || My Ideal

"It's Just the Rain" has just been released! Be the first on your block to have it. Check out the samples on Anna's CD Baby web page:

1. I’m Old Fashioned
2. September in the Rain
3. You’d Be So Nice
4. It’s Just the Rain*
5. Tomorrow I’ll Tell You I Love You*
6. What’ll I Do
7. Let’s Get Lost
8. First Kiss*
9. I’ve Heard That Song Before
10. You’re My Everything
11. I Fall in Love too Easily
12. Secret Love

Every track on "My Ideal" has been played on the radio (see below for list of stations). "My Ideal" is:

"...my favorite cd now..."
"...a beautiful blanket of sound wrapping around me every time I listen..."
"...an 'ear-arresting' experience..."
"...the brilliance of Harry James and the dreaminess of Chet Baker..."
"...pure energy and passion..."
"...simultaneously slam-dunk and sophisticated..."
"Anna's smooth, silky tone will entrance you.
It has no equal."

1. My Ideal
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
2. I've Never Been in Love Before
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
3. I Knew*
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
4. Say It Isn't So
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
5. When Snow Falls*
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
6. The Moon Looks Down & Laughs
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
7. O Woe Is Me*
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
8. Triste
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
9. So Long Ago*
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
10. My Romance
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
11. Adieu*
Real Audio (low)||MP3 (high)
* denotes original composition by Anna

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Thanks so much for your cd, I am really enjoying it. It feels like a beautiful blanket of sound wrapping around me every time I listen.
Melissa Van der Scafe
New York, NY

I took your CD up to a cabin getaway on the following day and me and the girls must have played it 15 times-we love it! You are absolutely fabulous.
Remi, Music Heals
Los Angeles, CA

Her singing is much, much better than Diana Krall's, of whose work I have 4 albums. And I really like the scat; indeed, I think it's the best I know, and that includes Ella Fitzgerald. I personally really like her trumpet tone, also, a fine median between the brilliance of Harry James and the dreaminess of Chet Baker, with hints of both.
Alan Campbell
San Diego, CA





WEMU, 89.1 FM, Yplilanti, MI
KETR, 88.9 FM, Commerce, TX
WFIT, 89.5 FM, Melbourne, FL
WGBH, 89.7 FM, Boston, MA

WMUA, 91.1 FM, Amherst, MA
WDNA, 88.9 FM, Miami, FL
WHRO, 90.3 FM, Norfolk, VA

Stations playing each and every track on this album include:

KAWC, 88.9 FM, 1320 AM, Yuma, AZ
KUAZ, 89.1 FM, 1550 AM, Tuscon, AZ
WHAN Wave Radio, 1430 AM, Ashland, VA
KZYX, 90.7 FM, Mendocino County, CA
KZYZ, 91.5 FM, Mendocino County, CA
WANG, 105.1 FM, Jacksonville, NC
WPEN, 950 AM, Philadelphia, PA
2CCR, 90.5FM, Sydney, Australia
KKJZ, 88.1 FM, Long Beach, CA



WRBB, 104.9 FM, Boston, MA
WRHU, 88.7 FM, New York, NY
WRTC, 89.3 FM, Hartford, CT
WUCF, 89.9 FM, Orlando, FL
WVOF, 88.5 FM, Fairfield, CT
WHUS. 91.7 FM, Storrs, CT
Cadiz, Spain