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"Anna Callahan is an amazing, multi-talented performer - destined, I'm sure, for increasing recognition and fame. In a word, 'wow!'"
Bob Collins, WRHU

"I can't get enough of this wonderful talent. I've had a lot of fun introducing her as a vocalist but waiting until the track plays out to identify her also as the superb trumpet and flugelhorn artist. It's not possible here to go over this CD [My Ideal] track by track so just let me say that she's got the sound and interpretations that meet all of my listening criteria."
Jerry Atkins, KTXK

"To a jazz writer (or any jazz fan) there is little as exciting as discovering fresh unheralded talent. Which brings me to a favorite hyphenate, singer-trumpeter-composer-arranger Anna Callahan. Her debut CD, My Ideal, is not just good, it is surprisingly excellent...." read this review
Roger Crane (the song scout), All About Jazz

"The gal is more than 'just' fine. Lots to hear, here. An 'ear arresting' experience. GREAT play for my show."
Jack the Jazzman, WANG

“Anna’s silky voice is intertwined in the swinging quartet of Barry Zweig (g), Karen Hammack (p), Rick Shaw (b) and Jamey Tate (d). The surprise is when she adds the same smooth character to melodies on trumpet and flugelhorn. The program includes newly arranged classics like Jobim’s ‘Triste’ along with some of Anna’s own, notably ‘When Snow Falls’ and ‘I Knew’ with a cool scat. It’s a pleasant combination with comforting tones.”
D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter

"I have produced, arranged and recorded with many great female jazz singers: Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, Carmen MacRae, and Nancy Wilson, among others. "But never have I encountered a female jazz singer who had the attributes that Anna Callahan has: She's Ella and Diana Krall rolled into one young, tall and extremely beautiful lady! And like Chet Baker she plays a great horn: trumpet and flugelhorn. "Like the current careers of Jane Monheit and Diana Krall, Anna Callahan will now make that 'duet' of female stars a 'trio'! When you see Anna perform you will understand my excitement over her."
Buddy Bregman, arranger/producer/director for Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Mel Torme, and many others

"Anna Callahan is a bright innovator, willing to be on the evolving edge of the mainstream as an arranger and performer, sometimes presenting favorite standards in a new light. Isn’t that what jazz is about?”
Harvey Barkan, LA Jazz Scene

"Anna's got it all! She sings with great intonation, crisp rhythmic phrases, and a clearly musical conception. Her original songs sound like standards that you've somehow never heard before, but want to hear again and again. And she plays some nice trumpet too! Check her out!"
Barry Zweig, jazz guitarist

“Anna Callahan sings and plays the trumpet in a program of seasoned delights [It's Just the Rain] that includes “I’m Old Fashioined,” “I’ve Heard that Song Before,” “I Fall in Love too Easily,” and her own “It’s Just the Rain.” Her girl-next-door voice brings an intimacy to the performance that appeals to a broad audience. As she opens “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To” with walking bass and shimmering cymbal, she provides a clear example of the flexible vocal range that makes her voice so remarkable. Clear and expressive, she gives the piece a convincing interpretation. Elsewhere, she gives ample evidence of a stellar jazz singer who shows great promise for leadership in her field.”
Jim Santella, LA Jazz Scene

"Anna's voice is so warm and sincere, I love hearing her sing. Also, the influences of her background as a jazz trumpet player and arranger are very apparent in her voice; she is a cut above so many other local jazz singers. It's rare to find her unique combination of talents."
Michele Weir, internationally renowned vocal jazz educator

"It always fascinates me when someone who is born with immense talent actually develops that talent into immense skill. Anna is one of those rare people. First you hear her trumpet playing with exquisite tone. Then you hear her silky voice. Then she scats. And at the end of it all you realize she wrote the tune. Amazing! She combines original tunes, standards, and great musicians to create a live performance that's even better than the CD."
Eric Bradley, Vocalist for Rosemary Clooney and Barbra Streisand

"Anna sits right in the pocket of her music, both vocally and on the trumpet-a combination that's simultaneously slam-dunk and sophisticated."
Amy "Bob" Engelhardt, vocalist with the Bobs

"I can't describe how impressed I am with Anna's honest talent-she is music. Her arrangements are superb, and she always knows what's happening and goes with it. She is sure to quickly become recognized as one of the great jazz singers."
Dr. Laurie Franks, performed in 250 Equity musicals (14 on Broadway)

"When Anna sings her warm and lively spirit sings with her. It is not only voice, it is pure energy and passion. And nobody in the audience remains untouched."
Ilaria Serra, "Il Gazzettino"