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Photo by Leslie Bohm


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It's Just the Rain
(lyrics by Timothy Callahan)

It's Just the Rain
upon my cheek
they're not tears
I'm not that weak

It's just the cold
that makes me shake
I'm strong enough
my heart won't break

You say you want to leave me
Well listen, and believe me
You never did deceive me
So it really doesn't grieve me

It's just the light
that makes me blue
I'll be fine
I won't miss you


Tomorrow I'll Tell You I Love You

you held my hand
toes in the sand
Tomorrow I'll tell you I love you

Last night,
you asked me when
we'd kiss again
Tomorrow I'll tell you I love you

I love you like the moon loves
the dark of night,
like fireflies love
the pale starlight.
How does tea love
a quiet afternoon?
I know how,
and I mean to tell you soon.

This morning
I swore to say
without delay
if not today, then
Tomorrow I'll Tell You I Love You.


First Kiss

Your eyes, your face,
at first a friend’s embrace,
have I found
the love I’ve longed for this time?

I’ve loved before,
I’ve sworn I’d love no more,
but I find myself ignoring
reason and rhyme.

My heart’s a-race,
my thoughts fly at such a pace,
telling me to run from this

But I’ll still my mind
for now I find
your lips and mine
in a kiss.

For birds to fly,
they must not fear the sky
Let me be as brave and free!
Now I’ll still my mind
for now I find
your lips and mine
in a kiss...



I Knew

I knew
that the stars would have their way
the heavens make their play
and fate would have it's day

Though the passing years
had made me doubt
Turning all my fears
into lonely tears

I knew
that my dream would come to be
that soon I'd turn and see
a lover meant for me

Then my wish came true
my secret's out--
when I first met you
then I Knew.

When Snow Falls

When Snow Falls
on the desert sand
I'll have my hand in yours

When birds fly
in the deep blue sea
you'll come to me of course.

Though the sun has never risen with the night
The moon, sometimes she shines during the day
That is why I still have hope
that is why I always say

When luck comes
to a girl like me
is when I'll see a sign
that soon you will be mine.

O Woe Is Me

O woe is me
no more to see
your cautious eyes
and laughing hair
I should have soothed
your silent tears
I should have told you
what was not to be

No more to kiss
your fingertips
no more to taste
your smile so fair
I could have loved you
all my years
but now no more,
O Woe Is Me.

So Long Ago
(lyrics by Timothy Callahan)

So Long Ago it was that we first met
so long ago I fell in love with you
so long ago it was I know and yet
I still recall each tender rendezvous

So long as I was still your one and only
So long as I was dearest in your heart
So long I promised that you'd not be lonely
and swore that you and I would never part

I see that sparkle in your eyes again
the one I used to know from way back when
But now I see it's not for me
but for some other girl you've got a yen

So long we've been together you and I
I never thought that you could do me wrong
and now you have it makes me want to cry
so now it's time for me to say, "So long."


Adieu, adieu
to friends I never told were friends
to lovers who never knew,
goodbye to you.

I say adieu, adieu
I learned to keep my distance,
it was just my point of view,
goodbye to you.

So careful with my countenance
so careless with my friends,
so easy to say nothing
so hard to make amends,
and now that I am leaving
so easy to pretend
that I could have been close to you all.

But now adieu, adieu
I take with me this melody,
my memory of you
and so,