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Anna Callahan, jazz singer and trumpet player, swings in the tradition of Louis Armstrong and Chet Baker

"Rarely have I encountered a musician, male or female, vocalist or instrumentalist, who is as in-control of her music as Anna Callahan," says pianist, producer, and composer Mark Shilansky. "From each clever reharmonization to every in-the-pocket groove, Anna is responsible for it all.

"Yet, for all this harmonic and rhythmic innovation, she uses these devices as means to an end; that is, it's never about the clever changes she makes; rather, they are in the service of the mood and her artistic ends. Speaking as a pianist who has shared the bandstand with Anna, I have seen and felt firsthand how she communicates this artistry to her bandmates, as well as to the audience, with intensity, uncompromising integrity, and pure joy.

"This is a stunning CD from a truly exciting artist, knowledgable about the history of her music, but unafraid to take it into new territory."

Jazz reviewer Roger Crane writes:
"Singer-trumpeter Anna Callahan strikes gold with her debut CD, which includes songs by such noted composers as Rodgers & Hart, Irving Berlin, and Jobim as well as five superb originals.

"If you love the great songs sung with warmth and panache, you will love Anna Callahan. Her uncomplicated phrasing and sunny timbre give the lyrics a clear-headed beauty and her soft-focus trumpet playing is right out of the Chet Baker school.

"Her music, whether played or sung, is straight from the heart - without any detours."

Singer, trumpeter, arranger, composer, and lyricist Anna Callahan celebrates the release of her second CD, "It's Just the Rain."

She mixes intimate vocals with Chet Baker-esque trumpet solos and dazzling scat singing over a backdrop of her own arrangements of standards and original compositions.

My Ideal is now played on dozens of jazz radio stations around the country, and was a featured album on United Airlines for three months.

Click here to purchase It's Just the Rain from CD Baby.com.

Click here to purchase My Ideal from CD Baby.com.




I hear your album "My Ideal" every day since it arrived from CD Baby. It is my favorite CD now.
Masao Mukai
Hyogo, Japan

I LOVE your CD - I spent a lot of time listening to it in the last couple of weeks, traveling from Virginia to Massachusetts and back. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment!
David Evans
Alexandria, VA

"Anna's smooth, silky tone will entrance you. It has no equal."
Peter Zuercher
Chicago, IL